Hit Dice! Fan Art



Below we will include some character descriptions if you need them - but know that the art doesn't HAVE to be of the Player Characters, it can be of anything from our campaign/universe. And if you do want to draw the PCs, these descriptions are only a guideline if you choose to use them.

Adelaide: A Half-Elf Warlock with long, wavy, dark hair, piercing eerie green eyes, pale skin, half of an ear missing and scars. Her ring finger is missing with an amethyst prosthetic (her arcane focus) replacing it. Tall and thin for a half elf, loose dark clothing.

Arwyl (Tink-Tink): A Gnome Divination Wizard who wears slate and pearl robes and is rather stout around the midsection. He has long white hair, which he wears in a Shou fashion topknot, and has a short, neatly trimmed beard. He has emerald green eyes and a deep golden tan. He has a thin metal glove that goes up to his elbow that has a crystal fastened to the top that acts as his arcane focus.

Kallista: Tiefling Bard with pearlescent white skin and dark blue hair that she wears in intricate braids. Her horns are white and resemble opal (in the right stage lighting) and they curl around her face. Her eyes are a deep gold. She is average height and has a long tail. When adventuring she wears studded leather armor.

Patches: A Half-Elf Rogue who is covered in black leather armor, he is bald but you can never see that because he ALWAYS has his cowl/hood up. He is  an asshole. His weapon of choice is a dagger with an emerald hilt.

Guy: “Basically Jeremiah Johnson” -Caleb Hanks

Van: A handsome young-looking High Elf with medium dark blue skin, silver eyes and a shock of white hair on the top of his head that shoots up in the front then falls to the back. He wears a fitted sleeveless dark grey shirt, his leather armor is ornately textured around the sides and  has a dark blue almost iridescent shimmer to it which is connected to his shoulders and forearms via many straps and buckles made of an ornate elven platinum looking metal, he has a few rings made of the same material. A heavy crossbow is strapped to his back and a hand cross bow at his side.