Last Flickering Light: Custom Horror Adventure

Last Flickering Light: Custom Horror Adventure


A custom adventure written and designed by the cast of Hit Dice!
Corruption has spread throughout the Sword Coast and whispers of a long dead god have started to echo through the streets. Innocent civilians are being slaughtered by the very guards they trusted and orc raids always follow close behind. An adventuring party has been sent out to investigate the orcs’ involvement. They will soon find that the situation is far more horrifying than they imagined.

A Dungeons & Dragons 5E adventure that isn't for the feint of heart! Be prepared to test your mettle with custom puzzles, a unique magic item, terrorizing madness, and of course... a lich. 

"Last Flickering Light" can be ran as a stand alone adventure or in tandem with another campaign. Adventure for levels 5-10.

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