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Our campaign takes place in The Vast

Disclaimer: Spoilers Lie Ahead, Obviously

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It all started when…

Arwyl, Adelaide, Guy, Patches, and Kallista: A plucky band of unlikely heroes that were loosely acquainted answer a summons from Kaggarts, a contemporary magic school in The Vast. The group had small ties to one another since they all dwell in the port town Ravens Bluff on the Dragon Reach Sea. The summons seemed simple enough and the adventurers were told that discretion was key. Upon finding out that magic items had been going missing from the school it soon became obvious that someone was stealing them. As they investigated the missing items the gang stumbled upon something much more sinister….. a small blue dragon living under an abandoned tower on the outskirts of the school property. The blue dragon, Agdevosgakast, was using the goblins that worked at the school and forcing them to steal items in an attempt to earn favor with other dragons for the preparation of an event he referred to as the Tearfall. The adventuring party vanquished the dragon but narrowly escaped with their lives.

Upon their return to Ravens Bluff they ran into a group that called themselves The Hellhounds, and they informed the group that many adventuring parties were being called to Ravens Bluff to investigate a strange black plume of smoke rising out of the Dragon Reach Sea. The Mid Summer festival is in full swing and a HUGE source of revenue for Ravens Bluff but the rumors surrounding the strange black plume have many merchants and vendors keeping a safe distance. The gang earns the favor of a powerful patron who sits on the Council of Lords, Izax Oalore. Izax informs them that in order to investigate the Black plume they’ll need to become spokespeople for the Council of Lords and in order to do that they’ll have to participate in the Trial of Lords, a gladiatorial style trial by combat, to prove themselves. After triumphing over the trial our heroes are granted audience with the council and sent out to investigate the Black Plume.

The adventurers take a boat out to investigate the plume of smoke after going to great lengths for preparations and realize that there is, quite literally, a hole in the sea. The smoke is originating from a strange, unnatural, gap that the water forms a cylinder around. The gang descends into the hole’s depths and realize there is a small rock platform with a door at it’s base. Upon opening it they descend even deeper and find themselves in an underground ritual hall and chamber, where they meet Zaldo (the most beautiful trash animal ever to exist) and marvel at the structure and magic of the space. After clearing out and navigating the chambers, rooms, and halls they find themselves in a large ritual chamber with five golden dragon heads each representing one of the chromatic dragons. Strange divots line and run through the floor from the dragon heads to an alter, with a strange orb floating in its center. As they begin to investigate the Green Dragon who lairs here, Yinatuzassus, appears and causes the heroes to flee. Zaldo stays back to attempt to slow the dragon’s advancement and is never seen from again.

As soon as the adventuerers get back to the boat Yinatuzassus lands on it and confronts them. He uses the players’ lives to lure out a Golden Dragon named Zisarth and through their conversation the players learn that Yinatuzassus is playing a large part in the Tearfall and it may have something to do with a new age of Dragon Reign that heavily involves the destruction of all other life in the area. After defeating Zisarth in battle Yinatuzassus leaves with his throat in his mouth and dives down into the sea from where he came. Upon their painful return to Ravens Bluff it is apparent the entire town coul see the dragons fighting and a majority of the merchants and visitors have fled town. The council uses the information the gang was able to scavenge from the alter and dragon conversation to direct them to a rumored Red Dragon’s lair, Harlaglaugha, that was said to have died there. They think her heart still burns and the adventurers can use it as their next clue in investigating and stopping the Tearfall.

Upon fighting their way to the rumored heart of Harlagluagha as soon as they touch it they are transported to the Elemental Plane of Fire. They are almost DOA but manage to get close enough to a Fire Giant to be saved from the suffocating heat that abounds around them. The Fire Giant, Kravig, takes them to the Charcoal Palace where the Sultan’s Vizier. Since Kravig is a slave to the Sultan the Vizier informs them that they need to tame a Nightmare for them to pay for their lives and to keep themselves from slavery. After successfully taming a Nightmare proves to be more complicated than expected the heroes are enslaved anyway due to a transgression against an Efreeti as they left town. Their first task as slaves is to investigate a place where the glorious fires of the plane refuse to touch. Upon arriving at their destination Kravig informs them that there is an elven woman he cares deeply for hidden somewhere inside. They find Valna Hanali, elven nobility, and they escape the Elemental Plane of Fire using one of two elemental stones of raw power they discover while exploring the tower. Re-igniting the tower opens a portal to the Material Plane.

The Efreeti slavers are hot on their trail as soon as they re-enter the Material Plane. After a violent escape Arwyl, Adelaide, Guy, Patches, and Kallista all enjoy a moment of peace and as soon as they relax and let their guards down they experience the loss of their first party member. Guy’s precious Beast, Buffalo, is stricken dead as they attempt to protect a farming family that harbors many dark secrets. Guy is never seen from again. As they sullenly return to Ravens Bluff the gang meets a flamboyant elf named Van, he has been tasked with taking Valna home. The adventurers let him join their broken party, for now, as they all ignore the Council of Lords’ request that they seek more answers in the Glacier of the White Wyrm. The Council believes the raw elemental stones, like the adventurers found on the Plane of Fire, may be the key to stopping the Tearfall. The stone they return with perfectly resembles the stones they saw at the alter in Yinatuzassus’ lair. Instead the party decides the best course of action is to escort Valna home, after finding out that her family, the Hanali Elves, control the trade of highly covetted magical items. Being inspired by the return of Valna to her home Adelaide takes a hiatus from the adventuring to seek out her lost Elven family.

To take Valna home to Cormanthyr the adventurers will need to pass through Ylraphon, the antithesis of Ravens Bluff. The swampy port town proves troublesome immediately and the party encounters a Black Dragon named Throstrugrael. Throstrugrael speaks of the coming Tearfall and then steals the tablets of Pharyssalnyth, a long-dead Silver Dragon… but not before the party manages to get a quick inscription of them. After taking the tablets the party is unable to stop Throstrugrael from destroying Ylraphon and killing many of its citizens. Defeated, they make their way to Cormanthyr and finally return Valna home. Van decides to stay with the party after they stop the Blade Rite of Valna’s older brother and expose him for selling Valna into slavery on the Elemental Plane of Fire. The Queen is grateful to them and in addition to her monetary reward she bestows upon them a new way of reading the Tablets of Pharyssalnyth, which reveals that Elemental Magic is the purest source of energy and magic on the Material plane. Pharyssalnyth has prophesied the coming of a second Tearfall and reassured the adventurer’s instincts that four pure Elemental Stones from each Elemental Plane could be used to stop the Tearfall ritual.

Upon arriving at the Twisted tower of Ashaba and overcoming it’s natural perils, our heroes stumble into something quite disturbing… an active Lolth ritual is being performed by the very drow that the Elven Court and Queen Cilivren had pushed out. The party is soon found by them and are corned in a hallway by an Efreeti seeking the bounty on their heads and a horrifying creature recently summoned by the Drow. But as they attempt to solve the mystery of the statue in the very hallway they are trapped in Valna and Kravig burst through the wall, and draw some of the attention away from the party, promising reinforcements aren’t far behind. In all the chaos the party manages to solve the statue’s puzzle and falls into a hallway hidden behind it by illusion. While the gang takes refuge in a small alcove down the hallway the earth is split in two and they are swallowed by it completely.

When the adventurers awake, though beaten, bruised, and all but dead, they are in an enormous cavern that has remnants of old, gargantuan, statues littered all about it. A small Svirfneblin, Durthmeck, overhears their conversation and implores them to hear his plea. For their help he can offer his own… they have fallen into the Elemental Plane of Earth. They need to get home and he needs his recently enslaved family freed. They agree to see what they can do and are immediately confronted by a Dao (earthen elemental) investigating the recently opened gate to this realm. After convincing the Dao riches and slaves from the Material Plane the party proceeds to the Free Trade Market in the center of the Plane’s oldest known location… the Sevenfold Mazeworks hoping to find some answers and to set a family of Sverfneblin free.

After easily overcoming the riddle of the Sevenfold Mazework the party rescued Durthmek’s family and successfully returned them home with some tricky illusions and silver tongues. Once back in their Svirfneblin city of Makraanenak they learned that the raiding Dao had left a bane of the Deep Gnome folk, a Bane of Ogremoch. This bane would not let the people control Earth Elementals or enter their temple to pray to their gods for aid. The party was quick to confront it and upon learning it’s purpose, to destroy the Boon the Entomoch had left, the party agreed to help it in it’s purpose. After destroying the Boon with the help of the Bane our heroes were granted a small Boon themselves and were granted access to the Mirrorworks. Durthmeck revealed that he alone could channel the mirror’s magic and agreed to send the party home to the Material Plane for all of their efforts.

Once back in Ravens Bluff the party saw immediately that Lander Brightwood was being considered for noble patronage at a Gala this very night. It soon became obvious that he had started an entire campaign to ensure that no one trusted the party. Madame gave them a place to rest and provided counsel, saying the people were mad and that the party was pushing themselves too hard. They heeded her advice but did not take it. They set out to see what Thundershout (their favorite blacksmith) had been up to and to check on the state of the Elemental Stone of Fire they had left with him. After a brief conversation many townsfolk started to surround them and had menacing looks on their faces. The party fled when the people descended upon them with weapons and malice.

An old friend, Palmer from the Thieves Guild, appeared just in time to help them escape. But he was not what he seemed, something had taken over his body and as he melted into an other-worldly horror the party was forced to end his life. Immediately after they ran to seek shelter at their patron, Izax Olare’s, house. He informed them that he had an invite to the Gala they could have, but it only had his name on it. He also implored them to pursue the tasks laid out for them by The Council of Lords to the North. Additionally his beloved apprentice, Mallory, had taken it upon herself to complete the task and he feared for her life.

The night drew dark and the party disguised themselves and successfully sneaked into the Gala. Patches sneaked into a top window and saw that there was another Ball of some sort going on. He soon learned it was a cult ritual and realized Lander was the head of it. Lander caught Patches and forced him to impale himself with a dagger. Through some clever planning the party met up, exposed Lander, and forced the hand of Yinatazassus (who was in disguise as a noble at the real Gala). Yinatazassus revealed himself and immediately began a killing spree, with his sights set on the meddling party. Izax was able to show up and separate the party from the Dragon’s wrath, but Van was left on the side with the dragon. He was immediately struck down and the party had but a split second to escape. All of their allies urged the party to flee to the North in hopes of solving the last piece of the Tearfall puzzle.

Upon their return to Ravens Bluff the party is met with grim news that they are hated thanks to Lander spreading lies and blaming them for the Tearfall… but Lander has a Gala the very night the heroes arrive back in town, and they plan on crashing it and setting things straight. Once and for all. After successfully infiltrating the Gala the party begins blending in with the crowd surprisingly well. Patches decides to take an alternate route in through a top window and discovers Lander performing a brutal ritual with a dragon-like devil. Patches is caught and forced to drive a dagger into his own stomach, the rest of the party finds him… but it’s too late. They help Patches down the stairs and back into the Gala all while fighting the devil and its minions - and then they see an opportunity. They can out Lander this way. They lure Lander and the devil out in front of the entire Gala, full of the most important people in the region and convince them of Lander’s wrong-doings, exposing him for what he is. What the party didn’t know is Lander’s master, Yinatazasuss was hiding among the nobles as well. Forcing his hand the party must fight him, and to detrimental results.

The heroes soon realize they are no match for Yinatazassus, especially in this confined space, Izax uses the Scrying Arwyl helped him with and catches the ploy, but arrives a little too late and is forced to sacrifice himself to help the party escape. His last words to them are to search for Garwyl in Mulmaster to the North. Van decides his brush with death at the hands of Yinatazassus was too close for comfort and retires from the adventuring life.

On their journey North the party runs into the goblins from Kagarts and after some strange interactions Guy returns to summon Buffalo from death by using the skull the goblins had stolen. He rejoins the party in hopes of bringing Buffalo back from undeath and truly resurrecting him. They arrive in Mulmaster shortly after and are told of strange happening sat the local Monastery - The Monastery of the Yellow Rose - Garwyl tells them that they can all benefit from helping the Monastery. He tells them Izax directed him to help them into the heart of the Glacier of the White Worm. He sends them with a guide, FrogMarch, to help them across the Tundra and to the Monsatery. FrogMarch proves useful in combat and navigation and soon must return to Mulmaster after helping the group close to their final destination.

After besting the wild Tundra the group finds shelter in a Frost Giant’s lair and, to their surprise, find their old friend, Adelaide, already conversing with the Frost Giant that resides inside. Mariika, the Frost GIant, has a surprising amount of insight into the strange happenings at the Monastery. She tells the adventurers it is an elemental summoning ritual and tells them they have a chance to control or destroy it. Both approaches will have severe consequences. After the party makes up their minds to tackle this overwhelming obstacle they leave Mariika’s sheltered cave and head back out into the unforgiving wilderness and toward the Monastery of the Yellow Rose.

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